The trip to All India Radio station,Goa

We the 11th std students went for a field trip to All India Radio station, Goa. It was a wonderful place where there were many rooms and a library too.The place was fully centralized with Ac so it was not hot. Our guide madam Celine was holding a high post in station.She showed us various hubs of the station and explained its working system. We also had lots of fun seeing the RJs and VJs performing shows but poor people they had to perform shows  for hours without break.. That is the only thing which haunted me to stay away from that profession.

Later we took a photograph at the entrance and went to a park where we had fun swinging. At 1.40 we returned safe and sound to our school. It was indeed a fun trip but I missed Sir Vijayraj and my 10 th grade mates as this is the first field trip where they are not accompanying me.

Wonderful Trip to Nagesh love Forest !!

After tiring exam days we the 10th std students got the opportunity to have a break. We all the 10th std students of our school went for a picnic. it  was indeed a fun picnic, over there we had lot of fun. We did many adventurous activity like rappelling, mountain climbing ,river crossing  and at the end we went for the rain dance which really very cool. We had yummy food too.

I liked rappelling and the mountain climbing very much but the mountain climbing was very tiring. The path was very narrow and in some place there were big rocks which we had to climb. Some girls were so tired that they went backwards to the base but boys were really strong ,none of them were tired indeed they were helping us to climb big stones. Along with us we had many teachers but for the activities only sports teacher were with us including Sir Vijayraj (My Principal and my social science Tr.)

I was stunned seeing Sir Vijayraj climbing with us because he was around 49 years of age but he was not at all tired but me and my other friends  who were so young were really very tired.  I think sir has experience of walking long distances as once he had told us that he used to walk 45mintes to reach his school every day .  Sir Vijayraj  was really very supportive not only in this fieldtrip but also in our entire 10th std career. There  are bundle of things to say about him but those things I would like to write in a separate post later.

Well this was the last picnic for me with many of my friends as many were leaving our school . On that day our 10th std  journey ended. That was the only sad part of the picnic but this picnic was really fabulous and an unforgettable moment.


Delhi Government is ensuring removal of beggars before Commonwealth Games. File Photo: V. V. Krishnan Whenever I travel to a place I see many beggars on the road. Some are aged people, some are small children and some are mothers and fathers. They wear shabby and torn clothes to portray them as poor but not every body really poor some have enough money but they still act as a poor person and beg. I have heard news which says that many of the beggars have bank accounts while some are recruited for this work. When I heard this news I felt very bad and cheated . All these years I always felt pity on these poor people and have given money but now after knowing this truth I felt very sad. Now I hesitate to give money to these poor people as my mind says not to give but my  heart says give and at last my heart wins the game and I give the money to them without realizing. Then later I console my self saying that they are real beggars. There are so many children who have been kidnaped and are forcefully made to beg not only children even adults. They have been doing this as business now.   Everybody knows  about this issue including the government but no one responds. They just see and just forget about it and walk through the lane because to solve this problem  we have to sacrifice a lot. In that ‘everybody‘ even I am one of them and I regret being one of them but what I can do; I can’t do anything, literally 0 ; as I am young and I have dreams and a  family which can be affected  But surely I will try my level best to stop this illegal, inhuman, unparliamentary business in future when I will be a grown up as an adult. But readers if you can help any poor children to live their live like others than please do. It is my kind request.


Faith,hope and will power

Today during the last period that is teacher Clara’s period was dreadful boring except the story which she told us in the class.

It was about a woman who had cancer. The story starts like this, the woman was admitted in the hospital  and  she was very sick. The doctor lost hope and they discharged her so that she could breathe her last breath in her own house. Everybody in the house were preparing for her last rights, nobody had the hope that she could recover but she had. She had faith and hope in god plus she was determined. She took her cell phone with the little energy that she had and called a man whom she knew. The man was a priest’ then she and he said prayers together through phone this increased her will power.

After the praying session was over she got up and walked, then doctors examined her again ; gave some treatment which worked out and now  she is completely cured.

If she did not have the will power,determination she wouldn’t have been alive now.

We can achieve everything and anything in this world with help of will power and faith.This what I learnt from this true story.

Can’t Imagine

Me and my friends were talking in the lunch break suddenly my best friend , asked me and my friend Frazia how we will keep in touch with each other after we leave the school.

When she asked that question I was drumstruck I couldn’t say anything tears were flowing from my heart. I can’t even imagine that day where I have to leave my school and go for higher studies. I can’t imagine that day.

I hope that day never comes and I pray to god that these school days should never end. I know that this wish of mine can never come true but at least my friends should be in touch with me even after they leave the school.

Whenever I think about that day I convince my self by saying that life has to go one but I never get convinced with that reason instead I try to divert my mind by hearing songs or by watching t.v.

But I have to be strong  and face that day which is going to come soon and I will face it.

For me my friends, school, teacher matters a lot…a lot….  I hope I do not get separated from them. I love them so much…




India is a incredible country . Even though it has many fault in it, it is diverse and has many good values etc. in it. But many people living in India say tat India is a worst country to live in and they also say that India has garbage menace , corruption that this bla. bla…. but they fail to realize that even they are part for the India that is now.

It has many talents hidden in its people Who  are capable  of receiving many awards and their talents can make India rich and developed. Like the video below shows one of  the talent of the country but they fail to realize that it is a talent .

There are so many talents like this hidden which needs to come out for the development of our country.

The country is still developing because of these type of reasons and there are many other  reasons also  like no unity among people, greed, no morals etc.  To bring these values morals etc. the government can bring changes only little but the change should come from inside on its own in people’s heart so that India can develop.

But that will take a lot time. I hope those days comes soon.


Boyfriends and Girlfriends.

School going Teenagers do not like to wear pair of shoes which has cartoons like chotta bheem,tom and jerry etc. because this is not the age to wear those types of shoes and they agree with this statement but they want to have boyfriends and girlfriends which is not meant for their age. Having a boyfriend is not wrong but not at this age there is time for every thing but if we try to act smarter and do things which are not meant to do at that age you are sure to fall in trouble. This is the age to study but many want to have boyfriends and they fall into depression. At this age they fail to differentiate between  infactuation and true love and the start having relationship.

I have seen many of them falling into the well of dpression  and even suicide just because they have made a wrong choice. They fall such deep that their entire life is doomed.  Their  studies, health, parents, reputation every thing is spoiled.

So it is better to do things which are meant for your age other wise if we try to act smart than you are sure to fall in trouble.




Parents Should Know how to Behave In front of Their Children!

On 11september 2014 a very interesting event took place at my aunt’s place. My aunt has 2 children and both are girls one is in 6th std,  Harini and  the other one in 1 std ,Suvetha . On that day my aunt and her husband had a fight for  some silly reason. Then the following evening Harini gave a letter to her mother which found in Suvetha’s bag.

The letter reads as:-

My family sad family

fight fight doom doom

 sister and I see

want happy

My family happy family


From these words you cannot make out what she wanted to tell but if you read again and again you can understand what she wants to tell. She is just in 1 std she does not know to express her feelings in the form of words properly but how much she could write she wrote. These words say that she does not want  her parents to fight  and she wants  to see her  family to be happy always. This just a small fight which is common in all family but it had affected her very much. So parents must learn  to behave in front of their Children.

Children notice each and every movement of their parents and they are very sensitive.  Parents must understand them and behave in a such a way that they set up an good example to their children.

Navrathri special– Golu

Navarathri Golu 2013 - By: Kalyani and Priyanka Narayanan


Golu or Kolu or Bombe Habba (Kannada) or bomma gullu(malayalam) or Bommai Kolu (Tamil) or Bommala Koluvu (Telugu) is a toy festival celebrated during the festival of Navratri in Southern India, it is customary in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, as well as in some Tamil communities within Sri Lanka.


When people come to person’s house to see the Kolu, usually they give prasad (the offering given to God that day), kumkum, a holy powder and small bag of gifts. In the evenings, “kuthuvilakku” (small lamp) is lit, in the middle of a decorated “kolam“(Rangoli), before the Kolu and devotional hymns and shlokas are chanted. After performing the puja, the food items that have been prepared are offered to the goddesses.

Bhajan during Navratri Golu in Coimbatore, India

Kolu is adorned with dolls – predominantly with that of the gods and goddesses depicting mythology. It is a traditional practice to have at least some wooden dolls. There should also be a figurine of a boy and a girl together called ‘Marapacchi’ Bommai.[2] On the 9th day (Saraswati Puja), special pujas are offered to Goddess Saraswati – the divine source of wisdom and enlightenment. Books and musical instruments are placed in the puja and worshipped as a source of knowledge. Also, tools are placed in the pooja as part of “Ayudha Pooja”. Vehicles are washed and decorated, and puja is performed for them. The 10th day, “Vijayadasami” – is the most auspicious day of all. It was the day on which evil was finally destroyed by good. It marks a new and prosperous beginning. New ventures started on this day are believed to flourish and bring prosperity. Kids often start tutoring on this day to have a head start in their education. In the evening of “Vijayadasami”, any one doll from the “Kolu” is symbolically put to sleep and the Kalasam is moved a bit towards North to mark the end of that year’s Navaratri Kolu. Prayers are offered to thank God for the successful completion of that year’s Kolu and with a hope of a successful one the next year. Then the Kolu is dismantled and packed up for the next year.

Ashta Lakshmi murti worshipped in a Golu display during Dusshera.


Like any festival, Kolu also has a significant connection with agricultural economy of ancient India. It is said that in order to encourage dredging and de-silting of irrigation canals and riverbeds the Kolu celebration was aimed at providing demand for the clay material got from such activities. There are many customs and beliefs in different parts of India that imbue sacred status to clay. Dissolving Ganesha dolls made of wet clay into the water system is one such belief. Another example is the Bengali tradition of using clay that has been tread upon by the most beautiful girl in the area to construct a doll of the Goddess Kali, the belief being that this would be the best way to approximate the perfect features of the Goddess. This festival is fun to celebrate but I have not celebrated even once as only Brahmins celebrate and we are Khastrias but in future I will try  my level best to  celebrate this festival in future.